Casio G-Shock MTG-G1000RB-1A Limited Edition Super Illuminator Men's Sports Watch

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  • Triple G Resistance
  • Solar power
  • LED super bright lighting
  • Super Illuminator
  • Airplane mode
  • World time
Casio G-Shock MTG-G1000RB-1A Limited Edition Super Illuminator Men's Sports Watch is available to buy in increments of 1
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G-SHOCK MT-G with all-metal appearance launches a new series, the design is inspired by meteorites or comets that have traveled in space since ancient times, and uses CASIO's new special matte technology to create meteorite-like sandy patterns on the surface to create Like the precious and beautiful surface of the meteorite in the universe. The full series of models include: MTG-G1000RS-1A, MTG-G1000RG-1A and MTG-G1000RB-1A, MTG-G1000RS-1A silver main color appearance and red embellishment design, creating a look like a meteor entering the earth's atmosphere; MTG- G1000RG-1A uses golden ion IP treatment to create the golden appearance of the rare meteorites Pallasite in the world; MTG-G1000RB-1A uses black ion IP treatment to form the shining black meteorite that has lingered in the universe for tens or thousands of years. It also has a sapphire glass mirror that is clear, transparent and non-reflective, providing high hardness and scratch resistance. They are assembled on the Premium Production Line of Yamagata factory in Japan. They are equipped with a self-developed Tough Movement movement and intuitive operation. Smart Access electronic crown and new protective structure. The metal frame connects the upper and lower bezels with the case back through four stainless steel sleeves, completely covering the movement in the middle, which can protect the movement from direct. GPS HYBRID WAVE CEPTOR MT-G From MT-G, a watch that combines metal and resin for toughness and function, comes a new model with the theme of small flying celestial bodies from space. In addition to the GPS hybrid function controlled by solar-powered radio, this model was created with a sophisticated design and a completely new process. The hard surface of the watch band creates a sandy texture that is reminiscent of images of meteors or comets that have crossed the cosmos since time immemorial. MTG-G1000RB-1ADR has a black Diamond Like Coating that creates the appearance of a meteorite that reaches Earth after crossing the cosmos for tens of thousands or tens of millions of years. This new model brings the touch and function of G-SHOCK's identity to a new level by perfecting it with spectacular beauty that comes directly from the great cosmos. Core Protectors Construction The back cover integrates the bezel and lug into one piece, secured by hex screws. The metal frame is formed by strong wrought components that protect the inside of the casing. Pure shock-absorbing resin creates a suspension effect between the bezel and the casing. Plus α GEL® that surrounds the module, provides shock absorption and amazing protection. Current time in two different cities In addition to the main dial, Dual Time World Dial provides a small dial to show the current time in the second time zone. When the main dial and small dial can be exchanged one push of a button. Bright LED lights Bright LED lights provide illumination for easy reading in the dark. From MT-G with a unique toughness design functional beauty of that was created by the combination of the different materials of metal and resin, New model was a small celestial body to be flying from the space theme of GPS satellites orbiting comes in. Adopted MTG-G1000 equipped with a GPS hybrid Solar radio feature on the base model. Comets and to travel the infinite universe, and rush from space into the atmosphere, it was designed in the motif of the small bodies of "tough", which reached the Earth without burn out. In order to express its view of the world, adopting the processing technology will be the first adoption. The image of the appearance of the small bodies, applied to the unique rough systemic such as bezel and case band the rough surface treatment to feel, to achieve unprecedented representation, has played the evolution of design. The identity of the G-SHOCK to continue to pursue the toughness and beauty and functionality in single-mindedly, however, is a New model committed to the spectacular beauty emitted by the small bodies in the infinite space.


Brand G-Shock
Model MTG-G1000RB-1A
Case Material Stainless Steel Case
Band Material One-touch three-button Stainless Steel Band
Movement Quartz
Glass Material Sapphire glass
Clasp Type 3-fold folds one touch
Features Triple G Resistance
Solar power
LED super bright lighting
Super Illuminator
Airplane mode
World time
1-100 Second Stopwatch
Countdown Timer
Daily alarm
Full automatic calendar
Date display
Case Diameter 58.8 millimeters
Case Thickness 16.9 millimeters
Band width 54.7 millimeters
Band Colour Black
Dial Colour Black
Case Colour Black
Display Type Digital Display
Watch Shape Round
Water Resistance 200-meter water resistance
Size of case 58.8 x 54.7 x 16.9mm
Total weight 198g
More Information
Dial Shape Round
Color black
Gender Men's
Product Name Casio G-Shock MTG-G1000RB-1A Limited Edition Super Illuminator Men's Sports Watch
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